The Roundtables are FREE collaborative sessions that cover important topics related to climate change, sustainability and the environment. These events allow sustainability professionals to discuss common challenges and common opportunities in a supportive, engaging and insightful environment.

Our experienced Chair facilitates each session to encourage effective and authentic discussion under the Chatham House Rule.  We believe that connection at a person-to-person level is the foundation for collaboration at an organizational level and the aim of the Roundtables is to help sustainability professionals broaden their networks and deepen the relationships within them.

To help stimulate discussion, participants complete an online Sustainability Management Maturity Assessment of their organizations prior to the Roundtable.  This helps them to reflect on and gain insights into the challenges and opportunities they face.

Roundtables are held throughout the year in Melbourne and Sydney.  

In our Roundtables, sustainability is not just a topic – it’s a shared passion and mission.

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