Collaborative problem solving,
to create real change.

Environmental crises are afflicting the world at a speed and scale never seen before. This means we have to address them at a speed and scale we have never done before, but simply driving existing approaches harder is not working. Top-down approaches are agonisingly slow and usually result in a lot of bureaucracy but not much real action.  Bottom-up approaches can get results but are collectively insufficient and often end up either competing against each other or moving the problem somewhere else.

The biggest untapped potential is business.  Most of our impact on the planet is through the organizations we work for, and they also control most of the resources we need to solve our sustainability challenges.  However, their contribution to date has been limited and fragmented.  If we are to truly harness the potential of organizations in the fight to prevent environmental catastrophe we must get them to work together.

Radical Collaboration is a new paradigm for collaboration between organizations.  It is unique in being based on joint commitment to a non-financial outcome, a common architecture that enables rapid scaling and the incorporation of an independent party with no direct interest in the outcome and whose role is to ensure the success of the collaboration as a whole and of each individual member organization.

Our approach

Strategic action,
at scale.

Radical Collaboration Institute - reshaping the way organizations work together for the good of the organization, people and planet.


We start by identifying a difficult environmental challenge that affects multiple organizations within or across value chains.


We bring the right collaborators together and develop a clear case for action and problem statement.


We gain joint commitment to a common environmental outcome and to how we will collaborate to achieve it.


RCI performs the role of the Collaboration Integrity Office (CIO), which holds everyone to their accountabilities, measures progress and enables confidential information sharing.


we use our proprietary collaborative problem-solving and solution development process to drive innovative thinking and build scalable solutions. We project-manage their implementation to ensure they deliver measurable impact.


we look for opportunities to amplify this impact with the original collaborators and through new collaborators or other Hubs.